Women with better beards than most men.
Girls With More Facial Hair Than Most Men

Harnaam Kaur

Girls may grow a beard too! It’s true. These girls’ grow better than some male beards. Gives a new meaning to the phrase “she needs a beard”…

The hidden dangers of acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nails Can Look So Nice

Take a look at the hidden dangers of getting acrylics and be aware the next time you head to the salon for that filling

TV Show Contestant Labelled A Gold Digger.


A single woman who appeared on a new dating show has been labelled a 'gold digger' for admitting that she's only interested in 'financially secure' men who wear 'big watches'

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Is your skincare routine making you older?

Effects Of High Heels

Beware Of Your Clothes, Your Clothes Can Kill You, Very Slowly.

Molly And Friends During A Hospital Visit

Heartwarming story of cancer-stricken British teenager has a surprise party from her senior class to commemorate her missing of dance.

Men Need To Be Legally Labeled As Women Beaters

A Register For Domestic Abusers Like That For Sex Offenders Might Help With Woman Beaters.