Ntsiki thinks Global Citizen will use South African Festival to show us as grovelling.

  • Global Citizen claims that its aim is to end extreme poverty.
  • Curiously, the organisation spends millions a year on non fund-raising events.
  • Global Citizen has never revealed it finances, how much it raises is a mystery.

Global Citizen claims that its chief aim is to raise a billion dollars (about R13-b) to end extreme poverty by 2030, yet there is neither a plan to raise the money nor a clear budget of what it would be used on as part of alleviating this extreme poverty.

Ntsiki Mazwai

This has consistently prompted questions about the initiative’s true aims and need for a social programme of action to advance their purported ideas for social change, however, their website only speaks of mountains of problems in the world and their effect on women and children, and suggests absolutely no solutions, except the raising of money.

The modus-operandi of Global Citizen has led to many social activists raising issue with Global Citizen’s portrayal of people it claims to be helping, the latest of which came from Ntsiki Mazwai, the prominent South African black-female social activist coming out and criticising the initiative.

Ntsiki Is Out And About Spreading Her Message

Mazwai recently tweeted that she said she was not "looking forward to seeing my people grovel and act like idiots. Global Citizen in gonna show us low self-esteems."

Global Citizen Festival is a free and ticketless concert and the only way to get access is to do actions and these actions will get you into the festival. Actions can include charity work and spreading the message on social media.

Ntsiki Mazwai

TA clear lack of plan to raise money or build a proper programme of action to impact the extreme poverty that Global Citizen makes out to be so concerned about, in fact, they claim that tickets to their concert will be earned by doing charitable community work – essentially, more proof of no plan as this relies on the public ding the organisation’s work and making their own communities look much in need.

Ntsiki Mazwai and her like are clearly not easily fooled and seeing through this scam which requires us to make our communities look like grovelling paupers, which is probably why they’ve been criticised so much and given such little airtime and column inches.