Monthly Dialogue Launches at The hub Presents in Alexandra

  • The launched the monthly schools dialogue for scholars on 1 June 2019
  • The event was at The Hub Presents in East Bank, Alexandra
  • It was hosted in in association with Alex Mall
  • Despite some stutters the project promises real success Monthly Schools Dialogue is a project that brings together teenagers from different areas and schools throughout Johannesburg.

The first event of the 2019/20 cycle was held on the 1st of June this year in Alexandra. It was held at The Hub Presents, which is nestled in Jukskei Park 2, sitting on Jukskei River in East Bank, Alexandra.

The first comers, the students who were there first and early with their teachers, play with the local children

The first comers, the students who were there first and early with their teachers, play with the local children

The event was co-ordinated by in partnership with The Hub Presents, and in association with Alex Mall, which opened in March 2017, and forging a positive role in the community.

The introductory dialogue, mostly for teens in Grade 10 and 11, was due to start at 10H30, however, was held back because of late arrivals and too few people to start at the time.

This led to some scholars entertaining themselves in the park and attracting the attention of local youngsters who gained new playmates for the morning.

Some of the teachers helping to keep an eye on things

Some teachers tried to entertain the meagre crowds, which was aided by the interaction of the local kids.

As the morning wore on, some scholars who had attended decided to leave, and this began a cycle of groups of scholars leaving only for some to arrive a short while later.

It was this coming and going that led to a reduced presence, and led to the dialogue being started before the morning was late and too few were still patient enough to wait.

Some Of The Teachers Who Attended

Some teachers waiting for their learners, some of whom never arrived

Some Learners As They Slowly Arrived

Some Learners As They Slowly Arrived

The starting of the programme helped as the scholars who remained were introduced to each other and spoke about their schools, their roles in school life and hopes for the project.

It helped to prevent them leaving, although, the programme had to be shortened, snacks and a light meal were served (the were no drinks because the sponsor of drinks tea, coffee and juice was also late).

First To Arrival To The Dialogue Learners arriving

Difference in arrival time